I cried a lot to bring my tears on the sheet and paper.  

Warning: This content is full of tears. Just do not continue to scrolling down if you are feeling down. 

About Me

Hi. It's me, Fikri. Experienced in the art and creative projects in recent years, which is enhanced my knowledge in music, advertising, theater, literature, and journalism.

So with that knowledge, always willing to learn new things, and attention to detail, I am able to take on various topics to bolster my writing skills; content writing, copywriting, scriptwriting, and editing.

I dare you to visit my mess feeds on Instagram: @fikrirabbani__

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My Articles on Football Tribe

The articles for website content with emotional title about Manchester United that the club were on worldwide trending topics on that season. 

My Blog on Medium

I bring my another tears to this blog. Poets and song lyrics I've written are bare minimum.

Copy For Social Media

Banyubiru Coffee

Made a caption and branding a new cup with letter "Seperti cinta, ngopi juga harus cukup". The consumers wanted a new thing from Banyubiru Coffee. This promo increased product sales up to 20%.

Matatih Records

And the second one is a single's promo for a band from Bandung. Conceptualized the single's artwork and made a copy through Matatih Records's Instagram.